Image by Maddy Baker

Quitting Birth Control: What I Did Step By Step

1. Focused on Micronutrients. I did this by adding in more whole, real foods like fruits, vegetables, eggs, and grass-fed meats. These whole, real foods contained more nutrients like vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B, selenium, magnesium, etc.   

2. Heal The Gut. After years of damage, I needed to supplement in missing nutrients that would help my gut repair. I knew I didn't eat enough nutrients throughout my day so I used greens, gi advantage, and other supplements to help fill my gaps.  

3. Reset The Liver. Liver is the natural detoxifier but gets damaged over time from medications, toxins, etc. I focused on adding in an assortment of foods and supplements to help assist my liver in repairing and reseting.  

DFG Workouts & Meal Plans:  


Liver Detox:  

GI Advantage:

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