Stop Focusing On The Uncontrollable or Our Limitations

It's so easy to get sucked into the negativity especially when it's all around us from the news, work, or even family. We have to turn off the negativity if we expect to grow and become the best version of ourselves.

1. Control What You Can Control & Drop The Rest

The uncontrollable will only cause us pain, anxiety, and frustration. This goes for everything in life from relationships to our health. Our actions are the only things that we can control and that's where we must focus.

2. What Can We Do Instead of What Can't We Do

Everyone has limiting factors and those limiting factors are what we will use to stop us from being better. Change our thoughts into what do we have at our disposal that we can do to get close to our health goals.

3. Protect Our Energy & Remove Toxic Negativity

It's hard to take out the trash and no one really enjoys doing it but we can't let the trash continue to stink up our home and attract rodents. These trash is all the toxic people around us that start to stink up our body and mind.

4. It's Okay To Say No

Time with ourselves is as important as working out. Take some time to collect your thoughts and emotions. This starts by saying no to the noise around us.