Switching To Natural Deodorant

1. Lymph nodes, breast tissue, and blood vessels are located in our armpits.  

2. Conventional deodorants contain aluminum, fragrance, and parabens that can negatively affect the organs and tissue in our armpits.  

3. Body can adapt and filter through a large amount of toxins for a long amount of time but the body can only handle so much for so long on a consistent basis.  

4. Rid the fear that sweat is bad. It's a normal process that shouldn't be stopped.  

5. When switching to natural deodorant, stick with it and don't give up because the body will go through natural detoxifying processes that's normal.  

6. Start to treat armpits like our face by unclogging the pores and keeping the pores clear. Great way I do this is by using a clean charcoal mask: https://www.beautycounter.com/lindseyschmidt?goto=/product/counter-plus-charcoal-facial-mask-repack

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