What Is Collagen?

What is collagen? What is it not? Do I need it?  

1. This does not replace whole food complete protein sources. 

2. This does not replace level 1 or phormula 1 - because these are complete protein sources. 

3. Complete protein sources stimulate muscle protein synthesis, collagen will not.  

Collagen helps with: 

-Joint health: cartilage, ligaments, tendons 

-Skin health: firmness, elasticity 

-Protect skin & structure 

-Naturally strengthen skin  

Dermaval blend helps with: 

-Main focus is elastin = elasticity of skin 

-focuses on tightening skin structures 

-think cellulite help and skin appearance 

-Hydrolyzed = the body can digest and absorb and use the collagen  

Collagen with dermaval: https://1stphorm.com/products/collagen-with-dermaval?a_aid=themuscledocs