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Gutsy Girls Club

I had to work on my gut and hormones alone but you don't have to! Join an exclusive community of like-minded women supporting each other while sharing what has worked for them.

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You feel like you're doing this alone, don't you?

feeling like you're the only one...confused on what to do...unable to talk to anyone

I know that feeling too!

When I started to work with my gut, I felt like I was going crazy. It didn't help that doctors, family, and friends refused to understand what I was feeling. It wasn't until I started understanding more did I realize that what I was feeling was justified and that I wasn't crazy.

Imagine if you could ask questions and receive support. Imagine if you could learn what others in similar situations are doing to help their gut and hormones!

I want to save you TIME & HASSLE by helping you find the support you need! 

Say hello to...

the Gutsy Girls Club! An exclusive community that I created with one goal in mind...to help women working on their gut and hormones find support and useful information while having fun along the way.

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Here's what's included

Women centered health: gut, hormones, metabolism in a sustainable, no BS way! 


Connect with other women & be supported


Get questions answered by Dr. Linds & other women with similar experiences


Live Chats with Dr. Linds + contantly updated videos


Support as you move through your Gut Cycle


Community gut & hormone friendly recipes

Cancel anytime


Meet Nicole

"I had my guard up because I had been let down so many times with my own doctors. I felt lost, sick and so unhealthy with no light at the end of the tunnel. Nothing seemed to work. I gave up. The gut cycle was a really good reset for myself. I thought I was doing it all already but I was so wrong".


It starts with a good plan

I've organized everything I've done to help my gut and hormones in simple and effective steps called the 21-Gut Cycle. Bundle the 21-Day Gut Cycle with the Gutsy Girl's Club and get exclusive access to both.

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If you understand and accept, we’re ready to get started!