Feel Good & Stay Positive

I don't know about you, but this last week has been a week! Nothing "bad" has happened, I have been tired. I think a lot of us can relate to that? Feeling worn down, tired, maybe achey? A lot of this can be due to the high stress and anxiety we have been feeling with all this stuff going on. Our body will take that stress and make us feel it physically, this is called psychosomatic pain. I want us to focus on our mind, focus on "happy" and just "being." I know it's easier written than done. I feel you!

This weekend,I am letting it go, and letting it be... the stress & anxiety that is. I don't know if you are spending time with your family, doing Easter things, or whatever it is, please, take a breather, let loose & have some fun with those you are able to be with!Slooowww down, if you will.Can you do that?

The second thing, I know I am like a broken record, but if you could also plan out your meals at least part of your week, this will help you body "take on" the stress we are feeling. Our body can adapt to situations, we just have to give our body the right environment to do so! This will allow our health to flourish in a time we need it most. Our new meal plan in the Daily Feel Good is up, for you to check out, and you can always join us too if you are not apart of it!

I just want you to know, that we will get through all of this together. That has been so apparent in Team SchmidtFit!What we choose to do during this time, makes all the difference in the future when this is all over! Relax, control what you can control and truly be honest with yourself.

Extras If You're Interested In Joining Me

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