My Favorite Safer Skin Care Swap Deals

I don't know how I feel about this week... did it fly by or was it slow? Either way, I hope you are having a great day! Take 10 deep breaths right now, sit up straight & say "I got this!" Seriously, I think I do like 1 million times a day... okay, maybe like 3 and it truly helps me to keep going!

This email is a bit different! I wanted to fill you in on some HECK OF A GOOD DEALS, because we all love deals! AND we have been talking a lot about our internal health, hormones etc, but I do not think we think about how what we put on our body, including our kiddos, can affect our health & hormones.

Real quick about me & my journey recently. Since I had gotten off birth-control, I worked on getting my body into a thriving state, I worked on not having painful periods, nasty periods etc, and I did it! Through movement, food, supplementation, I felt so much better. As I approached 30 (about 2 year later into my journey) I started getting bad cramps again, horrible periods etc. I had to look more into my days, what was my body being exposed to that could disrupt my hormones... that I could control!? I looked at not what I was putting in my body, but what I was putting on! So, I made changes asap (because bad periods just suck as well as not having my skin look healthy). I have made swaps for 7 months now and I can say my last 2-3 periods have been awesome! Yes, I said awesome about a period. Not only that, but my skin looks so healthy!

Whether you have a skin goal (dry spot, uneven skin, blemishes) or want to make sure your products are clean for your health, I can say Beautycounter has done both for me & many ladies in our community!

Here are the 3 deals in a nutshell:

  1. Free Gift with Purchase Now - May 26th until supplies last ($125 order)! SO HURRY!

  2. 20% off entire purchase for new clients! Fill this form out

  3. Band of Beauty on ME! Explained below!

1. Free Gift with Purchase Now - May 26th until supplies last ($125 order)! SO HURRY!

Make the long weekend a little bit sweeter with The Good Clean Sun Event!

Starting TODAY, May 21st, through Tuesday, May 26th when you spend $125+ USD / $150+ CAD, you will receive your choice of one of the following for FREE:

Please note, each GWP (gift with purchase) is available while promotional supplies last. Once a GWP is no longer available, you will be able to choose amongst the remaining gifts.

Start Shopping HERE

2. New Beautycounter Clients get 20% off their entire purchase!

  1. Fill out this form: Click here

  2. Get a 20% off code emailed to you to use at check-out (check spam & promotions)

  3. 20% off will reflect once you type this code in at check-out

  4. Ensure "Lindsey Schmidt" is your consultant! WAHLAH! Easy Peasy!

Let me help you! If you are unsure what's best for your skin, fill out this form here OR message me:click hereand I will get back to you ASAP!

What's best for....

Complete Your Routine with Treatments

Toss Your Toxic Makeup

Swap your Summer Cleanser

  • You may need to bring a more clarifying cleanser into your routine as the temps heat up and we start to sweat more! These are my two favorite clarifying cleansers

  • Countercontrol Clear Pore Cleanser

Stock Up on Sun Protection

  • Visit HERE to stock up on all your sun protection needs! From tinted moisturizers with SPF, to sunscreen mists, and more!

Try some BRAND NEW

  • Skin Twin Foundation: Skin Plumping Science: A high level of hyaluronic acid helps plump the skin instantly and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles over time. In fact, 91% of users said the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles were diminished.

3. A Gift From Me!

Want a FREE Brightening Facial Mist? Get Band of Beauty on ME!!!

Are you a Band of Beauty yet?. BOB is our perks program with no strings attached! It's like Amazon Prime.

If you plan to spend $125 US ($150 CAD) or more to get the free Memorial Day offer, this is a must!!

Cost: $29

I pay you back the $29 aka FREE!

Order must be $125 (pre-tax, shipping & BOB)

You receive:

  • FREE gift of your choice from Memorial Day Offer

  • FREE Brightening Facial Mist ($36 US / $46 CAD value) with any purchase over $50 US ($75 CAD)

  • FREE Shipping all year on all orders over $100

  • 10% back in Product Credit on every order (Did you miss out on the Vitamin C Serum? Earn some credit today to use towards it once it's back in stock in June!)

  • Band of Beauty on me!

Thank you for choosing safer and supporting our movement for better beauty! If you need help deciding on the perfect products for your skin type, please reply to this message and I would be happy to help.