My Top Tips For Rest & Recovery

Honestly, with all the stress that has been built up emotionally, it's not too surprising how this is taking a toll on us! This season of life is SO weird. Think about it, we are living through a pandemic. We have people in our SchmidtFit community who are being affected & I am asking you to either send healing thoughts or prayers for them. Thank you so much!

So today, I thought we could talk about all types of Rest & Recovery! I want to share things that I use & do in a week when I am feeling beat up & stressed. Which in all honesty, has been this week! Man, I have been sore, slept like a rock last night, & just CAN FEEL IT! I know you feel me! So, let's help ourselves!

I Am Sore & Achey!

This has been me this week! Do you feel me!? This is typically from my workouts, but then we add stress to that and quite literally we are depleting our body of more micronutrients, and stimulating our flight or fight system; putting ourselves under undue stress.

We talked about this a bit in our most recent podcast(click here to listen)

Here's What I Focus On:

Foam Roll! That's right! Grab a foam roller & I roll out in the morning & at night! Foam rolling is super beneficial to release muscular tension, increase blood flow & decrease that stagnation! We want our body to FLLOOOOW!Foam Roller I have (click here)

Mobility Flow! Another way to moveeee & relax at the same time! The goal again is to create a flow in the body, & ease that tension. We have our mobility flows in theDaily Feel Good... don't forget! Also,Mobility Tips on YouTube!

Epsom salt bath! This contains magnesium which again is super beneficial for our muscles! This allows our body to absorb it through our skin! Plus, the warm moist heat is super amazing for our muscles to increase blood flow and lymph. Please, check the back side of your epsom salt for synthetic ingredients & fragrances.I like to use this one here (click here). code drlindsey saves moolah

Gua Sha! I have been doing this for a long time on my muscles & on patients! Maybe you have heard of Graston? Same thing, different name! This works to increase blood flow, break up adhesion and AGAIN relieve tension.I use this one here (click here) p.s. check out my giveaway post for this on IG and/or FB!

Properly recover after my workouts to ensure I am repairing my muscles & replenishing the energy I used up! This helps me be less sore, recovery better, & decrease the cortisol hormone I just shot up during my workout.This is what I use post workout (click here).

Make time to relax & take an active rest day! If you are always on the go, like me, take a breather! Go for a walk, do an at-home spa night (I like to do thischarcoal mask), take in the little things... this can make the biggest difference.

I been implementing in core-21 which helps work with my stress hormone, cortisol, as well as help me get deep restful sleep. I have been wired before bed, but so tired, and then not staying asleep! This was a sign to me that I needed to work on my cortisol & sleep hygiene.

Make time!

With everyone's schedules changing & having to free style, I urge you to make time for yourself. I have 2 types of people during this time. Those who are using this time to focus on themselves & health... and those who are using this time to not. I get it, I use to tell a story to myself too, but if we are too busy now, and too busy in our "normal life," then what gives? Look within yourself, ask yourself do you really want to feel better? Then, ask yourself what are you doing to get yourself there? It doesn't have to be an all in daunting event, but rather taking 1 step then another and not giving up!

We have a big 21 day focus that will help us get back to it, hone in on what we need to get ourselves feeling good! The Stronger Together Focus is held in the Daily Feel Good on (click here to join)! It will start May 4th-22nd! Join me & our amazing community on getting our STUFF together!