The One ThIng To Focus On To Start Getting Results

Do you ever feel like you are lost on what to eat? What to do to get rid of your cravings? Or do you just feel hungry all the time!? Yes, yes, and YASSSS! Well, I feel you! When I first started to get healthy or whatever you want to call it, I really didn’t know what I was doing. I would just cut back on food and my pop and workout more. I was always hungry though, and absolute DEAD after my workouts, and never saw much change.

It wasn’t until I started focusing on food balance and food quality. Balance being Macronutrients: Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats; food quality being micronutrients: vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants. These 2 things combined allowed my body to flourish! I felt so much more energized, I cut down my cravings and my body changed over-time. No, this is not a lie or a fad, this is t-r-u-t-h!

I wanted to offer some top ways/recipes that I get in the hardest food balance macronutrient…. Drumb rolllll, pllleasseeeeee PROTEIN!!!!!! Yes, girl, yes… protein! Here are some of my top fun ways to get in protein!

Make an easy recipe that is protein packed! Derrick & I the Daily Feel Good recipes every week, because this covers our bases! One of my go-to recipes for breakfast or for a great snak on the go is:

Swap out that coffee creamer or pre-mixed oatmeal and make your own with tastyslow assimilating protein!This is a way where I can get in more protein, fulfill my hunger, cut cravings, keep my body in a fat-burning state, WITHOUT sacrificing the TASTE! Let's be honest, I am OVER nasty food and protein... okayyyy!? I love Cinnamon Cookie Batter in my coffee (out of stock right now) & I love it in my oatmeal too, but also love strawberry & blueberry protein in my oatmeal!

Next up, busy during the week & just can't get that protein in!? I feel you! This is why I always pre-prep my protein! Derrick and I love to bulk prep our protein - we literally do this EVERY WEEK!! I will put in an AMAZING tip guide below that you can check-out! I give this to all our DFG ladies to help them organize!

Lastly, one way that I not only get in more protein, but also optimize my results from working out HARDDDD is a protein + carb source right after my workouts! ummmm helllooo, I use to do CrossFit workouts and would consume NOTHING right after. I was always SO DEAD, SORE, and my energy was KILLED although I love hard workouts! Am I right!?  But when we are working out we are actually breaking down our muscle and using what is called glycogen (or body's energy! We need to repair muscle FAST and replenish glycogen FAST! So, what I use now and will never go back is called Phormula-1 (fast protein), Ingition (fast carb)! This allows my body to get in exactly what it is looking for after a workout, & I can continue my journey of health, and keep on "toning!"