The Struggle Is Real! Tips To Overcome This Mess!

I am here (again) to hopefully ease your mind and guide you in the right direction during this time & also year round! Today, I would like to share common things I am seeing with people across the board and offer up some quick tips! It is going to be short, sweet & to the point!

I can't sleep, I feel tired but wired, my day is a mess:

I get this, when everything feels out of whack, man, everything is off! This is like the hamster on his wheel... not getting anywhere fffaaasstt!

  1. Plan your day as best as you can. Start with food first.The better our food is, the less tired we will feel (because foos = energy) & I don't know about you, but the better I eat, the better sleep I get. Don't know what to do!? I got you! Watch this Zoom Nutrition Video that Dr. D & I did with Team SchmidtFit & use this meal planner below! Also, feel free to join the Daily Feel Good, only $9.99/mo with amazing meal plans, recipes, workouts and my help! Check out the Daily Feel Good here!

  2. Feeling tired but wired? Big cue that our stress is through the roof, y'all! Cortisol. Our stress hormone. It's good but bad when it's "off balance." Fix it now! Deep diaphragmatic breathing: breath through the belly, not the chest and activate what is called the parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest). Invest in herbs, minerals that address the root cause. Address the adrenal glands, cortisol producer, & aid our nightly routine. What do I use & recommend!? Adrenal restore (adrenal support) + core 21 (sleep aid with cortisol focus) Sleep routine: cool the room, darken the room, watch or read something light, stay off social media before bed, go to bed around the same time and wake around the same time.

I Just Can't Get Myself To Do It:

I know, me too, I don't want to get up & workout every morning & I want to eat pizza every single night, but there comes a time where we have to put our foot down, & just do it.

  1. Going with "plan your day." The plan your day means making yourself follow the plan, no matter how much you don't want to do it. Easy as that. Don't want to do it!? Do it anyways! Seriously, I have practiced this time and time again and it never disappoints me!

  2. The "After Effect Rule:" When I don't want to do something, I think how I will feel after doing -x- or -y-. Typically, when I think about the "bad choice" I go with the "good" because I don't want to feel like poopoo.

  3. The "is it worth it rule:" Whenever I see something I want to eat... I ask myself "is it worth it?" Is that store bought cupcake worth me eating...? Typically, my answer is no. I would rather have a homemade protein cookie, so I'll wait until the weekend to make that & do a protein mug cake instead with level 1. Usually the junk we want is NOT worth it.

  4. See point number 1. There's nothing more to say.

Take care of you, first:

Lastly, it's time, it's time for you to take care of you, before you take care of anyone else. You cannot, I repeat, you cannot truly take care of others if you are tired, cranky, and quiet frankly... unhealthy. I was text this by my sweet cousin & I want to leave you with this:

Whether you are religious or not, think about what legacy will you leave behind for your family? Show them how taking care of yourself, is of upmost importance!

I want this for you! I want you to feel good, be happy, & live a VIBRANT life, because YOU DO DESERVE TO SHINE!

Ways that I Improve my health but also pamper at the same time?

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  3. This delish smelling body lotion

  4. Gua Sha that face and relieve the tension (tutorial coming soon- code drlindsey saves)

I truly hope this helps you in some way. If I helped one person from this, I have done my job! In a crazy time, don't live with fear, be bold, be brave, and be the best you for you & your family.

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