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Will this work for me if I have Hashimoto's or endometriosis?

Nicole decided that she didn't want to be defined by her Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, Hashimoto's, and doctors telling her she would not be able to get pregnant again. She was tired, bloated, had a hard time losing weight & wanted to feel better and like herself again.  Nicole has completed the Gut Cycle multiple times throughout the years, to keep her gut in check. She has implemented the learnings into her lifestyle where she has more energy, less bloating, improved blood work, better menstrual cycles & got pregnant with her second child!

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Will this work for me if I struggle with bloating or stubborn fat loss?

Lisa was struggling with her fat loss, she was stuck & wanted to lose in her belly region. She focused on nourishing her body + mind and took back control of her life! In 21 days, doing the Gut Cycle, she lost 6 pounds, decreased her belly fat/bloat immensely & feels confident again!

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Will this work for me if I have IBS, IBD, or irregular bowel movements?

Jeni came to us feeling misunderstood by her doctors, she was bloated all the time, looks 9 months, wasn't having regular bowel movements & had stubborn fat loss -- she was told it was her hormones and she's getting older, it's normal. Jeni didn't accept that answer & crossed paths with Dr. Linds on TikTok. She joined the Gut Cycle and after 21 days she started have regular bowel movements & less bloat. Her current update she has lost 11 pounds with implementing in the learnings from the Gut Cycle.

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Will this work for me if I have PCOS, period problems, bad cramping or hormonal headaches?

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Will this work for me if I have hormonal acne or acne in general?

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